Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church

Scarborough, Ontario


A hearty congratulations with prayers and best wishes to all of our newly engaged parishioners!

Couples who are interested in having a wedding at Precious Blood must meet with Fr. Xavier a minimum of 12 months in advance of their desired wedding date and prior to booking their hall.

As a part of building their marriage on a solid foundation, couples will be required to participate in a marriage preparation course.

The community looks forward to celebrating this beautiful sacrament with you!

The Church calls marriage a sacrament of service as it unites together a man and woman for the rest of their lives in a relationship of service to one another and to the Church. It has as its end their sanctification and the sanctification of the children they will raise over the course of their life together. On the day of their wedding when the couple says their wedding vows exchanging their consent they make a beautiful gift of themselves to one another; a gift that is an imitation of Christ’s gift of Himself on the cross and a sign of God’s love for the world.