Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church

Scarborough, Ontario

Telephone Directory

Ministry Leader Contact
Altar Servers Precious Blood 416-751-2661
Children's Liturgy Jennifer Singco 647-829-9223
Eucharistic Fraternity Precious Blood 416-751-2661
Holy Communion Contact the Office 416-751-2661
Knights of Columbus Arturo De Leon 437-984-1344
Lectors Contact the Office 416-751-2661
Legion of Mary Gemma Veniegas 647-335-8946
Liturgical Decorators Rio Panado 416-615-0155
Music Ministries - Adults Brian 416-279-0433
Music Ministries - Children
Music Ministries - Youth Marino 416-752-3694
Prayer Group Merwyn/Maryann Pinto 416-751-1880
RCIA director Paul Wood 637 782 1944
Rosary Apostolate (Schools) Elva Morin 416-447-1157
Screening Committee Ann Mullan 416-751-2661 Ext. 227
Share Life Precious Blood 416-751-2661
Social Planning Committee Philomena Menezes 416-757-6670
St. Vincent de Paul Society 647-499-5594
Ushers/Greeters Vince Tedesco
Youth Colleen Murphy

The Altar Server assists the members of the liturgical assembly by presenting or arranging vessels and other items used in the celebrations. Their reverent and efficient service enables other ministers to attend to their own roles while the liturgical actions unfold with calm, order and appropriate decorum. As members of the assembly who are often visible to all, the Altar Server also models good liturgical preparation.

An Altar Server must be Baptized and have made their First Communion.

If you are interested in this Ministry, please speak with the Pastor.

Inquiries may be made by: